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K Lub is a vibe you have to catch. He’s a perfect combination of the scent of a flower in a meadow and an exotic car you have to have. K LuB has cultivated a sound of gritty rockstar, hip hop and R & B vibe people will soon discover. Born as “Caleb Green” in Lexington, Kentucky. In eighth grade his family decided to trade the bluegrass state for sunshine and moved to Jacksonville, Florida. His entire life he was a star studded and unstoppable in football. But when he showcased his talents in the new city he was rejected and did not make the football team. Not knowing how exactly to deal with his disappointment, confusion and array of different emotions he turned to poetry. He shocked his family when they discovered the jock persona was swapped for a deep thinking and poetic and passionate writer. Time proceeded and he developed his love for words and lyrics to perfection. But, unfortunately he became a senior faced with constant questions and concerns about life after high school. He got “realistic” and put down his pen to focus on preparing for college. The preparation paid off and he took his educational studies to Miami at Barry University. It wasn't until his first semester in college where he found his new love; the love of music. Like all college students he spent late nights doing homework and having study groups. To keep themselves motivated to finish their assignments the group would take breaks to have rap battles.